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Obama is told what to do and he had best obey. This is how I see things are. When you become president “they” (the real powers that be related directly or indirectly to those that control our money supply.. i.e., “The Fed”) explain things to you. You have two options. Option A is to be rich and famous as a rock star (like Uncle Alan Greenspan) and live happily ever after with family intact, etc… Option B. is JFK. That’s right I believe Kennedy was taken out by those same powers that really control things. JFK was for gold and silver to back our money supply (financial accountability). He was for the abolition of the Federal Reserve System that usurped our U.S. Constitution in 1913 (Thanks to Woodrow Wilson and act he regretted on his death bed.) JFK wanted to withdraw from Vietnam. War gives our “government” an excuse to further expand the money supply. etc.. Option A or B, what’s it gonna be son?